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Manifest it now- feelings

This podcast is amazing and I love this episode! This was me… thinking my feelings. I started feeling my feelings just recently and there was a lot to be felt and it took practice for me to do it. This has been a game changer for me. Thank you!

Delicious Energy!

Ginny and Cassie share so much wisdom in each episode, but it’s their energy that keeps me binging episode after episode.

Tangible, Heartfelt Guidance

I’ve learned so much about the Law Of Attraction through listening to this podcast, and I can already feel expansion happening in my own life. Thank you for taking something that feels intangible and sharing it in such a way that I can understand and implement its principles ❤️ Thank you!

Great podcast - Magical & Practical

The ladies are very balanced with their LOA tips and tricks. I love how real and practical this podcast is! Great energy with good intention behind it.

Really fun

Really inspiring but also practical advice. I love the dynamic between these two!!

Moving beyond Abraham

I was looking for someone that was doing practical application with Abraham’s LOA and these girls nailed it! I’m so happy I manifested them into my life and I’m looking forward to growing with their fun conversations!


Talk about LOA. I was looking for inspiration for my new business and stumbled upon these fabulous ladies. Fantastic, inspirational energy and guidance. Thank you!! 🙏


Helpful podcast for sure 💎

❤️💜🧡🖤💛💚💙 Ep. 231

Just started selectively listening a few weeks back. Decided to listen this week’s show and the crumb and cookie 🍪 analogy is brilliant! Thanks for a great show and for showing up as your honest selves. 😍

Puts it all together

I have been studying for the law of attraction for the last year. This podcast really helps bring it home for me. I can finally make sense and get really clear about what I want. Thank you!!

Really Awesome People to Listen to

I have been listening to Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane for a couple years now! - Do not change your show lol! I literally love this podcast and it has changed my life and improved my outlook and manifesting skills. Love you guys and your mindsets.

I’m shook

Hey there! I recently started learning about the law of attraction and manifestation. I found the podcast yesterday and I’ve already listened (and re-listened LOL) to several episodes. Today, I started scripting so I blocked out some quiet time to sit on my porch and write. I felt so good! This motivated me to find more information, so I clicked on Cassie Parks’ website. As soon as I did, I looked up and A PENNY APPEARED ON MY PORCH! Y’all. Whether it was always there, or it just appeared today, I saw the penny at the moment I started searching about manifesting money in my life and changing my money mindset. Already manifesting money! Things are moving in the right direction, I can feel it.

Love the energy!

These ladies have such beautiful and positive energy, I love listening to them 😊❤️


Love this podcast. Grateful for you!

Morning Motivation

I listen to this podcast daily and it has been such an inspiration. They often say to see things through the lens of “Its evidence” and I find myself seeing things as evidence that what I desire is on its way!

LOA in Action

I was looking for positive motivation and I was blessed to find this. This helps me learn the law of attraction and be mindful of my thoughts. Strengthening my mind muscle has helped in my everyday life. The hosts make it fun and are easily relatable.

Love them! My life has changed!

I found this podcast back in December of last year when I felt I had some changes to make. I started listening to the podcast just about every day. I am almost caught up with them all. Let me tell ya...my life has been changed significantly! Almost everything that I have been scripting and believing for has come and keeps coming and its feels awesome!! Thanks Cassie and Ginny!

First time Fan Girl :)

This podcast is EVERYTHING to me right now! It's doing wonders for my alignment. I love the analytical topics and, even more so, the way they really help me to APPLY the LOA principles. I have such a long "evidence" list now and I even know I attract the perfect episode that I need to hear daily. I attracted this podcast to me a few weeks ago and I'm already caught up with all the episodes. Today I found Cassie's 'More Money' podcast so I'm listening to that now...One thing I would like to point out though is I can't seem to pull up the manifest10k.com page...I want in! Thank you so much for your awesomeness ladies!

This show is so powerful!!

Love the connection between the hosts and the deep wisdom and practice of LOA that exists in every single show! From one podcaster to another - well done, gals! I’ll be listening from now on! And thank you ❤️

Listening to every episode....

Found this podcast 3 weeks ago and after one listen I’ve decided to go back and listen to every song episode. I’ve listened to 20+ already. It reinforces some of what I’ve already known but enhances my understanding of how LOA significantly!

I manifested this!

I found this show by doing a search for manifesting and it was everything I needed. I’m familiar with LoA but listening to this show takes me to the next level!!! It is like chatting LoA with your friends! Keep it coming girls, I am feeding on your energy! I binge listen to this show!


I’ve been listening to this podcast for awhile, and while it was amazing even than, i hadn’t listened in a couple weeks. I experienced a loss last week, and that experience was consuming my life. Everything was sad for me, and it was making me angry, and lashing out. I knew i was going down a very dark hole, i was negative about everything, and all of my positive things i had worked hard on in my life was unraveling because of the darkness and sadness and anger i was feeling. Today I decided to check out the newest podcast, knowing I needed the girls positive voices in my head, and the newest episode was using the law of attraction during big challenges. The universe knew I needed to hear it, and it has been a tremendous help! Thank you girls!!


This was the first podcast that I started listening to about the law of attraction. I have found no other that has come even close to being as deep as this one. I love that they are always excited and laughing. They said if you had questions you could even email them. I emailed Ginny and she actually emailed me back! They were serious! Not only did she get back to me very quickly, but she said exactly what I needed to hear. If you want to learn about the law of attraction, this podcast is it!

I manifested this podcast!

Ok, so here’s a quick manifestation story. In spite of my efforts, I felt like I was in a stagnant, low vibration place so I downloaded a Manifestation app. I would do manifestation techniques but this app sends reminders, etc to help keep me on track. I initially just wanted a car to get back and forth to work, but I had been turned down by soooo many dealers that I thought it was impossible right now to get a car. It was incredibly hard to keep the faith, but I also remembered that I would only manifest things according to my vibration. So I literally secluded myself from certain things to focus solely on gettin my vibration up. Literally a few days later, I manifested a car—a car that was way better than what I had wanted right now. Throughout that week, I manifested money and other things I had previously put out in the universe. Day 3 of driving my new car I’m still in amazement and I’m laughing and touching my the seats of my car like ‘this is really real!” (In one of my visualizations I visualized me sniffing and rubbing the seats) Anyway, while I was driving, I was listening to the same YouTube and podcasts and felt like I needed something different that I could relate to better. Don’t get me wrong-those podcasts are good, but it felt like I needed different. So I said out loud “it sure would be nice to have a podcast that I can listen to daily that’s more relatable to me.” Fast forward a few days I was listening to a radio morning show and they mentioned a motivational speaker. So I looked him up to find his podcast but at the bottom they showed other shows that were similar. The first thing that caught my eye was this podcast. I’ve literally been on a listening binge ever since! I really really love your podcast and you both are just what I needed! From the laughter, the content, the stories, to the ‘evidence’ of things manifested...I don’t know what I love more! The collaboration of you two are unmatched! I love the energy and everything you guys bring! I already feel the shift. I’ve manifested some more opportunities and people since listening! Thank you! ♥️

Take II

I learned about, studied and manifested my current employment a decade ago but fell away from applying what I'd learned through the various demands and changes that ensued. It all "worked" until it didn't and I found myself manifesting what I didn't want ... because that's how it works. But now that I've reengaged with an active and intentional practice that includes frequent listening to this podcast, my life it turning around so quickly and I'm finding my new groove! Love these gals! ❤️❤️

They are now a part of my daily routine!

Love starting my day off with some inspiration and great ideas! I listen when I get ready on the morning, while driving, and if I need a shift in my energy. I'm not worried about running out of episodes because every episode has so much to take away that I can listen again and get something new from it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

They giggle a lot!

They giggle so much, and that's not a complaint! It makes me so happy listening to them. I found it randomly when searching for LOA stuff. I listened to several other podcasts that I just didn't enjoy as much. You can tell that they love, and get the LOA and their giggly energy just helps me elevate my energy around this work! THANKS LADIES! I can't wait to see what good comes from me binging your show!

Positivity in abundance!

Positivity in abundance is the best way to describe this show - and I am better because of it. I even find myself telling my husband to go be awesome! Keep it up!

Huge FAN

I just have to tell you, I’m new to all of this and I have started listening the past 3 days... and I haven’t been able to turn it off! I love it! I’m a huge fan of these awesome ladies!

Fun. Fun. Fun.

I love these two. They’re so much fun and truly demonstrate what’s possible for how to live a full and abundant life.