Manifest It Now

I manifested this podcast!

Ok, so here’s a quick manifestation story.

In spite of my efforts, I felt like I was in a stagnant, low vibration place so I downloaded a Manifestation app. I would do manifestation techniques but this app sends reminders, etc to help keep me on track. I initially just wanted a car to get back and forth to work, but I had been turned down by soooo many dealers that I thought it was impossible right now to get a car. It was incredibly hard to keep the faith, but I also remembered that I would only manifest things according to my vibration. So I literally secluded myself from certain things to focus solely on gettin my vibration up. Literally a few days later, I manifested a car—a car that was way better than what I had wanted right now. Throughout that week, I manifested money and other things I had previously put out in the universe. Day 3 of driving my new car I’m still in amazement and I’m laughing and touching my the seats of my car like ‘this is really real!” (In one of my visualizations I visualized me sniffing and rubbing the seats) Anyway, while I was driving, I was listening to the same YouTube and podcasts and felt like I needed something different that I could relate to better. Don’t get me wrong-those podcasts are good, but it felt like I needed different. So I said out loud “it sure would be nice to have a podcast that I can listen to daily that’s more relatable to me.” Fast forward a few days I was listening to a radio morning show and they mentioned a motivational speaker. So I looked him up to find his podcast but at the bottom they showed other shows that were similar. The first thing that caught my eye was this podcast. I’ve literally been on a listening binge ever since! I really really love your podcast and you both are just what I needed! From the laughter, the content, the stories, to the ‘evidence’ of things manifested...I don’t know what I love more! The collaboration of you two are unmatched! I love the energy and everything you guys bring! I already feel the shift. I’ve manifested some more opportunities and people since listening! Thank you! ♥️

Nov. 8, 2018 by 5-7QT on Apple Podcasts

Manifest It Now