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Real and raw

I like Cassie and Ginny. They feel like people I could totally be friends with.

The real deal!

These two are so fun and funny, and have an engaging way of teaching the law of attraction!

Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane

The LOA podcast with Cassie Parks and Ginny Gain is phenomenal. Cassie and Ginny have a magical chemistry which facilitates such a sparkly, universal LOA vibration that is beyond amazing. I have always believed in LOA- but I have been unable to Manifest for the past 10years. In other words... this podcast has taught me to take responsibility for my shortcomings to ensure my manifestations. I am on Facebook and I’m apart of manifest 10k. After I manifest 10k I will for sure join the enchanted group and I will hire Cassie for one on one coaching. I see now that I need a life coach to address my “blind spots” so that I can move forward and have everything I WANT. Sincere Gratitude, Melisa SanMarco Equine Therapist/ Color Vibration Coach My future self...Author and Actor!

Good listen

I listen regularly for several months now and overall enjoy the podcast and have found plenty of inspiration. I think the topics are pertinent and relevant, especially lately with handling “real life” topics surrounding life challenges and what to do when it seems things aren’t going like we want. So many LOA coaches touch on the art of manifesting from a neutral start and that’s not where a lot of this work begins! So this approach is much appreciated. However, sometimes the dialogue is so free-flowing that the lesson is hard to fish out. I’d love it if Cassie and Ginny could listen to the latest episode in particular about approaching complaints productively and find ways to incorporate a little more structure with these episodes. Either in the episode notes provided in text - or at the end of the podcast itself.

Friendly and easy to listen to

My favorite LOA show that puts a smile on my face when I’m looking for positive and productive listening.


Great podcast. Good formula. Took me awhile to adapt to their high energy. They give great behind the scenes information on the law of attraction. It is not all rainbows and unicorns. Both offer a bevy of good free things to take your LOA life to a higher level.

LOA Love

Listening to Cassie and Ginny is like listening to your best friends! The love they have for their listeners is evident, and their passion for living abundant lives is contagious. They offer amazing insight, and I find a valuable lesson (and lots of laughs) in every episode!


I'm digging this podcast. I've found myself relistening to the episodes. Major takeaways and juicy info. Hilarious and witty... these gals are fun to hang with :)

A gem for LOA enthusiasts!

I found Ginny and Cassie’s podcast by chance (if you believe in chance 😉) while searching for Law of Attraction inspiration. I’m so glad I did! Enthusiastic and positive, they offer continuous insight into the power of the LOA. Now when I need a boost, they’re one of my go-to sources for regrouping. Highly recommend!

Things I know, but forgot!

I LOOOOVVVEEE this podcast! It’s like a BFF that you can call for quick advice, who will always tell you the truth! The episodes are the perfect length of time for a quick reboot of focus, but not long and cumbersome. I always take away some nugget that I can immediately use in my practice! Todays gem was the following “don’t try to solve problems that don’t exist” OMG! I know this, and yet I catch myself doing this so much! Im so conditioned to be a problem solver that I catch myself thinking of solutions before the problems even occur! I need to stop this right away when i catch myself. Love this podcast!

Fun and Energetic

I was looking for a way to get to the next level in my life. I feel really good about how I manifest things and I knew there had to be a way to continue this growth. You two are fun, very energetic, clear, and confident in your shows. Thank you for your instruction and information. Your lives obviously reflect your teachings and that is a big inspiration to me. Cheers!


I wasn’t sure what to think about manifesting, but your show has really helped me to be a believer!! Thank you!

Magic At Work!

THANK YOU, Cassie & Ginny! This podcast has changed my life in the best possible way. On an energetic level, I feel so alive. I’m seeing how I’m creating my reality, and how life has been guiding me to what I want all along- my resistance to it is what’s keeping me from it. Do yourself a favor and subscribe!

I LOVE this podcast!

This podcast is so awesome! I love having it play in the background during the day while I work or in the car as I travel. I love feeling the positive energy of both Cassie and Ginny and hearing the suggestions they offer. This podcast is definitely a part of helping me maintain my alignment. Highly recommended!

Real relatable information

Thank you for information that can be applied to everyday life. Your examples are easy to implement and I can't wait to try them in my life!


This podcast has a lot of great info on LOA in a happy uplifting way.


I love listening to these two! Listening always brings a smile to my face. My absolute favorite is when they are talking about a topic & they say it in the perfect words & all of a sudden it just clicks in your head!!!! Thank you!!!

Must Listen!

Love this show. Becoming a listener has changed my life for the better! I highly recommend to anyone who is looking to learn more about LOA from what feels like your two close friends, over coffee. Great energy and good, practical life advice!

So much fun

Cassie & Ginny are so much fun to "hang out" with and always make help my manifesting practice move forward.

The Podcast I Really Look Forward To

Seriously so fun and helpful! These LOA rockstars give me all the manifesting juice I need! They use personal and practical tips and tricks that are concrete and clear. Thank you so much, Ladies!


As the introduction say, you will laugh, and learn. The podcast is like listening to your friends. They give real life examples about how they leverage the LOA. It is one of my favorite podcasts. Check out their books too.

Ever so timely

OMG...Cassie & Ginny are always so timely. Every instance that I've had whereby I'm wrestling with an issue or situation and don't know what direction to go in...a podcast shows up that speaks clearly to me!!! Their podcasts are like my own personal mail delivered directly from the universe. Thank you Cassie & Ginny

Thank you for making this podcast!

Ladies I am so excited to learn from you. I love your energy and your laughter. Thank you for taking the time to make this podcast. It makes my day a little brighter.

Alignment 💎 Gem

I truly enjoy the Manifest it Now Podcast. Ginny and Cassie truly work well together and feed off each other while still providing their listeners with their own wonderful perspectives. Manifest it Now always has a great message and is fun to listen to. Continue being Awesome ladies!

Attract the life you want!

If you want to live the life you want and want to use LOA to get there, then this podcast is for you. It is AWESOME!!!

Love this podcast

Ginny and Cassie are down to earth and outline the Law of Attraction in such a great way. I listen to every podcast and feel great afterward. Thank you for this resource!

Stay in the Flow

This podcast can really bring me back if I've found myself spiraling into negative thoughts. Just turnin on this podcast and listening to all the inspirational stories can be enough to get me back into flow...very uplifiting. Thanks guys!

There a Manifest It Now Episode for All My Challenges

I absolutely adore this podcast. I usually spend at least one day a week binging on old episodes while at work to make sure I'm in alignment and to remind myself of what's important. Every time I check in with my LOA loving friends I find myself talking about Cassie and Ginny and they're wisdom. And every single time my LOA lovers are dealing with resistance I direct them to the some of my fave Manifest It Now episodes. This show is such a blessing and I'm excited to see how it grows on this new channel!

I look forward to every new episode!

Cassie and Ginny! You two have been really helping me vibe at my highest! It took me a minute to figure out how to leave a review but I just HAD TO because you ladies have changed my world these days. Your personalities compliment eachother so well. Feel like we are all friends just hanging out. Keep doing your thing! xo Fellow Creator

Life changer!

I have been following Cassie for the last two years, and I love the energy that I get from her and Ginny's podcasts! I even go back and listen to past episodes over and over again!