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A Gift to the Universe

I was first introduced to Cassie when I heard her on the Primal Blueprint podcast. I immediately knew that I needed to hear more. I was so excited to find out that she hosted a podcast with Ginny! I've been hooked ever sense. I eagerly await each week's episode. I love listening to Ginny and Cassie's laughter and energy. It makes me feel instantly aligned! I also love that I can consistently follow their advice and change my life in amazing ways. Thank you, Ginny and Cassie, for your incredible gift to the universe!

What do you really want!? Here's how to get it.

I have been an avid listener of this podcast for a while now. I make sure to listen to as soon as it's posted every week… I can't wait... it makes such a difference in my life in terms of learning LOA, but it also puts me in the best, powerful mood I can ever imagine. I manifested a free Beyoncé concert ticket for goodness sakes! These fantastic awesome women have taught me the importance of awareness and also reaching for my future life in order to live it today. Seriously amazing podcast - but it's even more than that. It will teach you how to live a more awesome life!

The best podcast EVER!

I stumbled upon this podcast (when it was hosted by LOA Radio Network) and I literally binge listened to all of their episodes. They have been completely life changing for me. I still have a lot to absorb and it is not just exciting but also comforting. My deepest gratitude to Cassie and Ginny for their enthusiasm, care and humor!