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Jan. 22, 2023

How Do You Know You’re Getting It Right When Manifesting A Relationship

How Do You Know You’re Getting It Right When Manifesting A Relationship

In this episode, Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane talk about the N in LOA the Manifest It Now Way when it comes to manifesting a relationship using the law of attraction and conscious creation. The N stands for nuance. Many people don't think there are nuances. So they don't see them and get frustrated...  The manifesting mavens explain how nuances affect the effectiveness of manifesting techniques. They teach you how it applies to manifesting a relationship. Not understanding the nuances of manifesting slows success, and increases the feeling of failure, which decreases trust in the whole process.

Ginny defines nuances as, “UNcovering your blind spots.”

Cassie defines nuances as, “Clarity and awareness, being able to step back and look at it energetically, Is this flowing toward what I want?”

Ginny and Cassie share stories of how becoming aware of the nuances has helped them and their clients on their journey to manifesting dream relationships.

Then the co-hosts give you ways to start understanding and becoming aware of the nuances as you manifest your dream relationship.

The manifesting mavens then share this statement for listeners to support the awareness of nuances manifesting the relationship of your dreams.

I know that when I'm willing to see it all, I get it all.


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