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Jan. 15, 2023

Does Acting As If Help You Manifest A Relationship?

Does Acting As If Help You Manifest A Relationship?
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In this episode, Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane talk about the T in LOA the Manifest It Now Way when it comes to manifesting a relationship using the law of attraction and conscious creation. The T stands for tapping into the beingness. Many people acting "as if" is pretending.  The manifesting mavens explain the difference between acting as if and tapping into the beingness. They teach you how it applies to manifesting a relationship. People often think, “If I just pretend I’m in a relationship, it will happen".

Ginny defines tapping into the beingness as, “Practicing the qualities and characteristics of the person in a relationship.”

Cassie defines tapping into the beingness  as, “Choosing to behave, think and have experiences  like someone who is already in the relationship they desire.”

Ginny and Cassie share stories of how they tapped into the beingness to manifest their partners.

Then the co-hosts give you ways to start tapping into the beingness as you manifest your dream relationship.

The manifesting mavens then share this statement for listeners to support tapping into the beingness when manifesting the relationship of your dreams.

I know that when I am in the energy of what I want, I am attracting the love I want.


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Ginny Gane and Cassie Parks are available for podcast interviews, together or individually.